Echo woods | Sydenham Hill

Sara has made an audio walk, as part of the eco-vandalism exhibition that's inhabiting the woods in Dulwich.

Listening to a portable audio player, a woman's voice directs you around the woods. You become part of her story, while she plays tricks on you, and challenges your perceptions of time and space. It runs the 13th and 14th.

Sara's last audio tour was binaural and in the British library. It's ongoing and you can pick up a headset from one of the lockers if you ask nicely.

It's a shame I'm taking a weekend out from the trees - this looks great. Those who know me will know that last Saturday I took on the persona of an owl, and the one before that I unleashed my wind-up bird on Seven Sisters forest. (Yes, that really is its name and no, it's not in NE.) Perhaps unleash is the wrong word to use there - I don't think its clicks could be heard over the flute or the indian cymbals or the drums. It's a shy bird - it needs a key to work.

My wind-up bird:


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