the story of Silver Lake

I've been trying to find a story about Silver Lake, a factual story. It sounds serene, doesn't it? Silver Lake. I have never been to Silver Lake.

Well, it's also known as Morice Pond, and all I have managed to track down is a detailed history of Sackville. I think this is my favourite paragraph so far:

At the close of the year 1755, we find the populous French villages on the Isthmus as well as at Chipoudy, along the Petitcodiac, at Shediac and from thence to Pugwash destroyed, their ancient owners scattered from Quebec to Georgia or else, hiding in the forests, with their Indian allies and their farms acres of desolation. Those who escaped into the forests struggled forward to Miramichi and a few found homes at the head waters of the Saint John. From both of these places numbers were able to seek permanent homes in Quebec. At this period, Miramichi had a French population of 3,500 people.

Back to the postcard: there's nothing written on the back. This has always belonged to one of those selfish travellers.
The faded patch encircling a portion of the tree there - it has the radius of my thumb. Whoever had this before me knew that's where he'll always look.


Blogger worldfamousbigb said...

Very cool postcard. My parents house is on Silver Lake. Well, not 'on', but their backyard turns into the lake. My fiancée and I are going to get married there this summer.

Anyhow, nice postcard. Is there a date on the back?

3/6/08 22:34  

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