La grotta azzurra

There's a blue grotto in Capri. Statues of pagan gods can be found at the bottom of the cave. After Emporer Tiberius, no one entered it for centuries because fishermen thought it was haunted by evil spirits. A failed german artist August Topisch rediscovered it in 1826, and chains now draw boats inwards. There are almost too many stories to be told, and no I have never been to la grotta azzurra.

This postcard uses a special printing technique: It's been dunked in blue. But it's a shade far darker than any of the emphatic fluorescents I read of on the tourist sites. It has a glazed consistency - the water has always been this still. The reflections themselves are daily reiterations and will be only ever be slight variations of what the walls have already seen. And the postcard is wordless, again.


Blogger mink said...

what I remember is not so much the colour of the water, as being delivered there impatiently, in and out, like a necessary rite, one that you thought will happen but when it does, it passes in front of your eyes, and the real experience escapes you, all is left is the image of the oars.

6/5/06 13:17  

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