Summer's wasting.

My brain is melting and words are escaping me daily, it's the summer holiday!

So, things that have been preoccupying me:

+ ice caps. Two films last week all about them: An Inconvenient Truth and Pierre Huyghe's A Journey That Wasn't at the Tate Modern.

The former is terrifying (I'm not sure if it was the air conditioning but Al Gore's persuasive to smug ratio is convincing) and the latter, beautiful! They found an island in Antarctica that didn't exist before. (Which is where I'd point to Deleuze on desert islands but it's August.) Oh, and then they went to Central Park where they got an orchestra to perform the island's topology. Wow.

Le Corbusier puppet

+ Huyghe's musical puppet show is beyond great too. It's about Le Corbusier's arts building at Harvard. It features Xenakis on the soundtrack, and has Corb tap dancing. Not at the same time, although that's a great idea and now I'm inspired to dig mine out.

+ Huyghe's revolving oversized Alice in Wonderland doors (there's a scalextrics track attached to the ceiling) is really ace too. Did I mention he collaborates with M/M for his halogen signage? This show's on til September 17th.

+ Avoiding my imminent departure to Paris via museums. They're telling me I need 20 passport photos. 20!

+ volcanoes: really want to visit Mount Etna. Can't remember how it came about, maybe I'm recalling Jem Cohen's film about it or something. Went to one in Second Life whose name I forget, but that doesn't count really. And I kept hitting my head against shoddily rendered rock. Anyway, back to Etna: sounds like Xenakis, apparently.



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id apreciate the Deleuze on desert islands reference actually

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