les bobos.

French kids are obsessed by les bobos. It first entered my imagination as an appropriated description in the courtyard (petit bourges is less catchy) and is all over the press and look there's a quiz that reminds me of Killoffer (is it Killoffer?)

Now I'm listening to French radio every evening (can you feel my pain? what they taught us in school is correct: for every 3 english songs there are 2 french hybrids)
and I can tell you it's also a hit single by Renaud. (translation pending, use your franglais!)

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Blogger alex bkbk said...

so.. what are they then, these bobos? sounds like a vaguelly derogotary generasation used to classify social a specific social tribe or something ...

the guy looks like Kiloffer yeah, any relation?

27/9/06 17:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah actually its killofer the pic, and the drawer ... he made the ad for the new album of renaud

12/10/06 17:07  
Blogger -T- said...

atm im studying A-level french and i have been reliably told that they are either injuries * like boo-boos* or more likley the rich and upperclass who dont seem to have a social conscious

Hope that helps

25/10/06 12:16  

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