inside-out house, 1974

inside-out house 1974

"We built a little house during the summer of 1974 just like the one Solon Gudmundsson had intended to build in 1938: an inside-out house whose interior was its exterior. Located in an uninhabited part of Iceland, out in a place where no other object made by man can be seen. The existence of this house is that "that which is outside" has shrunk, and reduced to dimensions of a closed space formed by the walls and roof of the house. Everything else has become "that which is inside." This house shelters the whole world, except itself."

Hreinn Fridfinnssons, House Project 1974, Reykjavik.
From L'europe Des Createurs, Utopies 1989, Paris Grand Palais



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Douglas Adams built a possibly similar house, only ten years later, and out of words! In So Long And Thanks For All The Fish a character named "Wonko the Sane" built such a house to live in, and named it "the asylum" having decided that the entire rest of the world was insane.ΒΆ{I just navigated here via a comment I think you left, on a nice weblog named UNIVERSE, a post about Buckminster Fuller. I saw this excuse to chime in & say hi & thank you for being here!}

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