Otto and Otto (Otl)

Otto (Otl) Aicher designed the 1972 Munich Olympics. His pictograms replicated the world over, are a bit further down the line from the other Otto (Neurath).

Whereas this Otto and his isotypes dealt purely with graphical display of information, the quantitative and comparitive sort, Otl's holistic approach lent itself to things like picture books. I especially like his one on Isny, mentioned in metropolis magazine.

(David McFarline)

"in order to wake up the eye to this environment we need to give the eye a different picture of the surroundings."

Some more Otl:

(Opposing warheads in Germany)

PS. There's an exhibition of Aicher's work on at vitsoe from February 15th to coincide with the monograph coming out soon.

PPS. Neurath's introduction to the book laying out the international picture language/isotypes, the question of an international language is worth reading.

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Anonymous Claire L. Evans said...

Thought you might like this. It's really something how our web presences shadow one another, you know.

2/2/07 02:11  
Anonymous biotron said...

re: the athletic stick-figure symbols - i saw very worn / partially visible ones inside the Festspielhaus Hellerau (in Dresden) that i assumed had been there much longer than the 30 years or so it had been since Munich - it may be that even the Russian Army were fond of the design and plastered them all over their gymnasium, long before they left in '92.

8/2/07 12:19  
Blogger dodeckahedron said...

hi claire, it is something - maybe a shape of some kind? i'll think about it.

in the mean time here is some more about volcanoes.

that gymnasium sounds stunning.

12/2/07 22:57  
Anonymous Claire L. Evans said...

Oh! That particular volcano is a large structure of my childhood. It blew up for real some years before I was born and I remember friends of my parents telling me about how the ash settled on the streets of Portland for months after the explosion.

Hey, is "Cacao" your band? I'm making a new Universe "podcast," do you mind if I put a track on it?

14/2/07 21:15  
Blogger dodeckahedron said...

that's a lovely story.
wow, you can use any cacao track you like, i'll mail you about it!

15/2/07 23:56  

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