'A hand in hand stroll through the wonderland of endeavour'

Niall McLaughlin and Martin Richman are talking on Thursday 8th December at Art & Architecture, 70 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EJ.

It could be good. The words they're using are a little irritating, but what can you do.

They "propose an evening of collaborative endeavour, whereby in place of delivering a formal pre-prepared lecture, they will respond to questions and comments from the audience. They will bring images, objects and considerations to enhance, stimulate and educate. They wish to draw attention to the process of collaboration rather than emphasise a finished resolution. The evening will encourage a multi-facetted dialogue between Niall, Martin and the audience."

Niall +co made this house in Wandsworth:

are in the process of making this technical college in Elephant:

and will probably never get round to building the Turner Centre in Margate:

Trust me, I know. I've been there. Everyone's moaning about it in the "cultural quarter".

The cultural quarter:

Meanwhile, Martin Richman does lots of work with light. Not too keen on the colour palette, but this looks interesting:

That's Bethnal Green Bridge. Apparently it was done in 1996 and led to further "bridge interventions" including London Fields, Hackney Wick and Central. I swear I haven't seen any funny lights there at night though. Perhaps I'm not looking up. Or just blinded by the current blue fairy lights surrounding Hackney Town Hall, they are very very pretty.


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