happy new year.

The new year started with 15 sets of fireworks, we had a panoramic view across London from my roof top.

Down the road, Sud at the Lord Cecil was great for want of a better good word. Margarita thought Oliver Hacke was the ultimate tease, and Alex kept wailing for a drop. I don't have that much of an overactive imagination, but I couldn't stop dancing.

Sans Soleil was most apt for the first film of the new year. Ariel Pink for motivation to leave the flat. Over a vegetarian Indian feast I got told that people who make resolutions should die.

This year I'm going to be on time.

Hangover cure n: Maison Bertaux on Greek Street (take your dates there, I'm told). I couldn't choose the profiteroles; my mum makes them in triple digits in the early hours of the morning for NHS nurses. They are better than most things.

Yesterday, I saw the funniest trailer I've seen in a while. Woody Allen should stop making films about relationships.


Blogger mink said...

happy new year bloop.
sounds you had a nicer new year than mine.
the idea to lock myself all alone in the flat for three days to get some writing done sounded appealing at the time. What a masochist. Today I felt like a puppy beling let out after two days.

3/1/06 19:02  
Blogger manara said...

happy new yeaar!! have you seen the JUST LIKE HEAVEN trailer? the film with reese witherspoon. the trailer is even worse than that, james blunt is used on it and ev-er-y-thing. i'd link you to it but it's a different kind of shit. wanna go see it at the cinema? lol jk.

4/1/06 02:45  
Blogger dodeckahedron said...

happy new year!

Mink, staying in and writing sounds good. I did a bit of confined-nothing this holiday, it was great.

Sara, no.

I will come to DMZ though.

6/1/06 00:03  

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