pink sky.

The sky was pink yesterday! It wasn't a discreet shade of pink. Not the kind of pink that stays around either. I thought it was a big deal, more than a conversational punctuation anyway. I don't know what it means though, there must be an affiliated proverb that rhymes.

Elephant and Castle used to be painted pink. It got painted red one March for red nose day which was kind of funny. It still looks bad. The regeneration's going to look like this: (I have a suave DVD to prove it)

I started my interactive design course. I have to figure out how to 'touch the ceiling'. There's a girl in my class that's moved from New Delhi to Elephant and Castle. I don't get it. You can see us all here. It's supposed to keep our mothers reassured, and thieves dissuaded from our kit. I have my eyes set on 2 things: the midi keyboard, and Frank our digital projector.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the south of France when the sky is pink the following day is going to be windy. Who knows it might apply to South London.

21/1/06 09:36  

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