Manfred Mohr and cubes and hypercubes.

Before the cube:

1969. The elements are horizontal, vertical, 45 degree lines, square waves, zig-zags, and probabilities for line widths and lengths. Within a defined area, the algorithm chooses from the alphebet to create a random walk.

After the cube:

1975. "visual equations", plotter drawing ink on paper

Since 1972 Manfred has been emotionally detaching himself from any aesthetic decisions via computers.

He had dates with a big weather-predicting machine in Paris in the early hours of the morning in order to make these drawings. Once he stopped the national grid.

First he concerned himself with the 12 lines of the cube: the cube as a fixed system with which to make new signs. Like sentences of music he said the other weekend it runs forever and ever. It's now 2006 and he's currently on the 11D hypercube.

Some things he said that I liked:

On computers:
Precision is freedom is clarity in mind.

On artists:
There's always something missing. They take a logical thought and don't follow it to the end.

To Golan Levin:
Is it so easy for you from the arts to meet the computer science people?

And my favourite:
If I don't want to be logical, I'll go to the beach.


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