NODE.London | it's March already.

Lucky I have nice people around me to remind me of the date. Anyway, I digress.. Node - it's great, it's free, it's all-encompassing and a little too much to digest. This is what I like the look of:

Day-to-Day Data
to 23/04
Danielle Arnaud gallery, Kennington.

Day-to-Day Data is a national touring Exhibition, Publication and Web-based Exhibition. Newly commissioned work by 20 artists, an extensive survey of imaginative methods of data visualisation, through different media.

They have an extract of Perec's Infra-ordinary on the site, so I am impressed.

18 / 03 - 19/03
Limehouse Town Hall.

They say: a weekend gathering at the edge of art, science and uselessness. A showcase of inventions and explorations into electricity and it's (stranger) uses. I say: there are worse things to be doing on Saturday afternoons.

A la recherche du temps perdu / In Search Of Lost Time
20 / 03
the Triangle, Mare Street, Hackney.

This is a little too wow-some to paraphrase, so:

The performance “A la recherche du temps perdu” takes the code literally. We are reading the machine-code version of Marcel Proust’s novel. During the eight hours of a working day the human performers are playing computer. From the analog to the digital and back again: The sequence of events of the performance is described in this manual. Starting from the ASCII-Version of Marcel Proust's novel “A la recherche du temps perdu” it is then re-coded into its underlying zeros and ones and then read by two performers alternately (one is reading the zeros, the other one the ones). The third person is CPU (the Central Processing Unit): She interprets the zeros and ones with the aid of an ASCII allocation table, cuts out the corresponding letter from the prepared sheets and turns it over to Display, who sticks it onto the wall panel. After eight hours of performance about 250 characters can be processed. During the act of reading, interpreting and presenting the work of art emerges, posing questions about the nature of the digital and the analogue, of work and art, time and beauty.

In The Field, Location-based Sonic Art Projects discussion
19:00 16 / 03 Resonance FM.

Focussing on location-based sonic art and site-specific, community orientated projects. Using radio and other public means of aural distribution, these projects involve and depend on community members in the process of creation. The discussion will be moderated by Tom Wallace.

Deptford TV
Communal documentation of the regeneration process of Deptford, with footage to be distributed over an Open Content License on Deptford.tv and exhibited outside the beautiful Laban centre on a boat on Deptford Creek.

15 / 03
Broadway Market.

This looks like it'll be funny to watch:

"Towards building a portable, sustainable and responsive social network by year 2030, PORTA2030 will perform a mobile network project. PORTA2030 deploys the porta-pack, a data sensing-storage-transmission portable unit that allows intervention via its urgent signal relay network system. PORTA2030 takes into account any given urgency scenario and mobilizes porters to propagate and activate a collective response through visual and sonic manifestation."


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