Sesame Street | Born to Add.

Look out for: the 4th policeman springing out of the shadows, and Clarence's sax solo. (Take it away Clarence):

This kind of thing totally inspired 1992's "Digital Clock". (creative commons license pending)

Malcolm Gladwell on the sticky birth of Oscar the grouch.

There's a german version of Rubber Ducky, called Quietscheentchen.


Anonymous Alex I said...

"digital clock" was inspired by time and time alone. Maybe also the difficulties of living the 8.30 to 3.30 life.

20/3/06 14:55  
Blogger dodeckahedron said...

"the inspiration of time" - truism of the day.

Everything has an antecedent, you can't deny the value of early morning tv on our subsequent musical output.

And now I spend a portion of my free time pretending I'm the ghost of a ship that sunk 500 years ago... oh dear.

20/3/06 15:14  

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