I lost approx. 2000 songs today.

I finally upgraded to iTunes 6. Without noticing I was skipping 5 (I've had an unreliable connection for a while). Fool!
Anyway, so today I open up the thing, and it tells me my files are damaged and now I have a lump in my chest.

Apparently this is how I can fix it. I lose all metadata but I'm sure last.fm's got that covered.

1.) Move all the MP3s into one location outside the iTunes folder
2.) Delete all the MP3s from within iTunes (it'll delete all the meta-data without deleting the files themselves because they're no longer where they're expected to be).
3.) Make sure the "keep my tunes organized" option is checked
4.) Drag the folder you put the MP3s into in step 1 onto iTunes, it will happily churn across every MP3 in there and re-add it into your library.


Now I can work in peace, thanks to Jeremy Zawodny getting stressed at Thanksgiving.


Blogger jack said...

phew! the exact same thing happened to me last week, luckily i figured it out though...

28/3/06 17:36  
Blogger dodeckahedron said...

yeah, i panicked first!

28/3/06 17:40  

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