Knight's tour tesselations.

Dan Thomasson's made lots of tesselations based on the Knight's tour:
knight's tour

He doesn't mention Perec anywhere, but it's ok.

And also, this thing is great.

(illusion, 2005 copyright Dan Thomasson)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For your pleasure, I added a short page on Georges Perec's 10x10 Knight's Tour that can be seen at http://www.borderschess.org/Perec.htm.

The reference to the previous page can be found in www.borderschess.org/KTart.htm


Dan Thomasson

2/6/06 20:37  
Blogger dodeckahedron said...

Wow! You've made my day. Thanks!

Nice to see a visualisation of the novel's tour. Hodges' thesis is a really good read.

5/6/06 22:32  

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