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I don't hide the fact I love the Beatles back catalogue, that'd be silly. We worked our way through the discography (as many bootlegs as we could too) and the anthology series by '96. I know lots of really useless trivia.

So, it warms my heart to read Woebot on 10 unfamiliar Beatles tracks because they are anything but, and his filter's refreshing, and I haven't read anything new on the matter in ages.

I also used to snub pre-'64 stuff when we were little and constantly reshuffling our top 10 (something I never try nowadays) because I thought it was too simplistic, ha! But anyway, I got wise and we've got an ace LP from their Hamburg days (live! at the star club) that I'll put on now. And then maybe their sessions at the BBC (live! at the bbc 62-65). Then maybe a French mish-mash LP (The Beatles First.)

I'm totally in the wrong age group for this kind of thing, but that's ok. I guess it's nice to know I'm not a "young hairy hipster" as he puts it.


Anonymous Stephen Drennan said...

My personal favourite unfamiliar Beatles track is tucked away on the flipside of Lady Madonna - The Inner Light. One of George's songs, with Indian musicians. Ian MacDonald gave it a nice write-up in that book he wrote on Beatles songs, comparing it to the Incredible String Band.
I'm kind of back into The Beatles again, this time via their being such an influence on Os Mutantes.

24/6/06 09:58  

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