John Cage's musicircus at the tate modern

You won't hear a thing; you'll hear everything.
John Cage on the Musicircus.

This Sunday I'll be performing in Marina Rosenfeld's Sheer Frost Orchestra, part of John Cage's Musicircus at the Tate Modern. With 17 of us, including Margarita, Melanie and the Electra ladies. There'll be lots of people scattered across the Turbine Hall: Scanner, Robert Worby, Linda Hurst, the Kreutzer String Quartet and more. Each group will come in at different times and play according to chance distribution.

One very important element is that there should at all times be many people performing simultaneously. The next is that, since none of the musicians are being paid, there being too many of them, the entire event must be free to the public... In harmony with the separation of this work from conventional economics, I have not made a score nor have I published one of course. John Cage 1976.

It starts at 2 and lasts 3 hours. Come along!


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