in September

I'll be in Paris. Just found out I've been accepted to study at ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres. Apparently it looks like this:

Here's a diagram of how they do things (I'll be in the BTS section)

I don't know much about Paris (least of all where I'll be staying) but three places I'll be frequenting: l'ircam, Pont Neuf and le Corbusier foundation. Anyone got tips?


Blogger Time Waste Media said...


19/7/06 00:42  
Blogger alex bkbk said...

palais de tokyo but you already know about that one

perhaps my love for it is irrational, having only been there twice and all but still, its so cool !

19/7/06 03:25  
Anonymous litherland said...

fondation cartier: looks like they have something up now on Agnès Varda ("L'île et elle")


Galerie Anatome

the Marais generally...

11/8/06 14:15  
Anonymous litherland said...

Okay, the above post got totally mangled somehow.

The second thing is Beaubourg, and here is the good URL for Galerie Anatome.

11/8/06 14:20  

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