Summer holiday.

Leopard Leg went on a mini tour last weekend, we had fun. I came to the conclusion that star jumps should cure most ills (if your driver's being violently sick, give him this handy advice at service stations.) Encores can be good. And no one likes international football apart from me. Allez les Bleus. Anyway.

The Serpentine Pavilion is almost up! (We are on Day 43 of construction.) I read somewhere of a 24 hour marathon talk, but am yet to find the details. There's a calendar documenting the whole process with lovely photographs.

Slowly easing into summertime too, via DMZ and Tate Moss' 11 hour spectacular (on a Bow Backs riverbank).

In other news, I managed to catch only a few degree shows but that's ok because they're a little deflating and Free range is slightly terrifying. And in other other news, we set up lots of fans in the Whitechapel the other month, and here's a video of what some of it looked like.

electric fans at the whitechapel gallery


Blogger alex bkbk said...

love the video tho im still really confused as to how it worked and where the shutter-esque image is coming from
i need to talk to you about 'borrowing' this footage for dubpressure...

7/7/06 02:36  
Blogger mink said...

so you're playing with Music for One on the 14th at Whitechappel? I hope I'll make it

7/7/06 21:26  
Blogger dodeckahedron said...

hey yair, yep we're playing on friday (details here) i hope you can come!

11/7/06 11:20  

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